How it works

Find out how Stop This Email works or check out the FAQ section below

  1. Get a personal unsubscribe email address

    When you sign up you are given your own address which you can send emails to.

  2. Forward us your spam

    Forward any emails you no longer want to receive to your personal unsubscribe email address.

  3. We scan the email for unsubscribe instructions

    We look for unsubscribe instructions in the email, searching it for any unsubscribe or opt out links.

  4. We open the unsubscribe links to follow instructions

    Once we have found an unsubscribe link we open it. Depending on the page we then fill out forms, click buttons and do whatever else necessary to unsubscribe.

  5. Check our progress

    We save what unsubscribe links we found and the progress we made unsubscribing for future you. This can help to ensure companies are actually respecting you unsubscribe requests.

  6. Manual intervention

    Sometimes we can't unsubscribe due to the link requiring login etc. If this is the case we provide you with a quick link you can click to do it manually. Not ideal but sometimes needed.

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Please note: currently Stop That Email works best for emails and websites written in English. If you would like to help get Stop That Email working in other languages please get in touch on our contact page.



There are several benefits to using Stop That Email. We think the most important ones are:

  • Same for every email - You don't have to spend mental energy working out how to unsubscribe from each email. It's always the same every time with us, just forward it.
  • Saves you time - Forwarding an email only takes a few seconds. We also support unsubscribing from multiple emails at once (see the FAQ below)
  • Privacy first - Unlike other unsubscribe services we only store the most basic information we have to on the emails you send us (see FAQ below)
  • Stop being tracked - Emails and unsubscribe links / forms often contain tracking pixels and cookies to work out who you are. If we unsubscribe for you this isn't possible
  • Remove spam - Opening spam emails can be dangerous and following unsubscribe links from spam emails can be even more so. You now don't have to do any of that to remove the spam
  • Track your unsubscribes - Thought you had unsubscribed to an email but you are still receiving them? We keep a record with the basic info of what you have unsubscribed to


It's free to use Stop This Email for a single email address. You can send us as many emails to unsubscribe from free of charge.

If you want to use Stop This Email with multiple email addresses you will need to upgrade to the pro plan at this point. Please check out our pricing page.


Once you have signed up just forward us the email via the personal email address we create for you and we will do the rest.


Yes. We support the ability to unsubscribe from multiple emails at once, you just need to attach all of the emails to a single email. It depends on your email client for how easy this is to do though. Guides coming soon for popular clients such as Gmail, Outlook and Apple mail


If the business is in the US, under the CAN-SPAM Act they are required to stop sending you emails within 10 business days.

Under EU law and Data protection and online privacy you have the right to object at any time to receiving direct marketing and the company have to stop using your data immediately. Under GDPR you also have the right to erasure ('right to be forgotten')

This does not mean companies always respect the law. If this is the case you can look into reporting the business (we are working on a way to do this on your behalf)

If you unsubscribed through Stop This Email it is important to manually verify your opt-out status before doing so. While we are confident in our automated processes, false positives can happen. To verify the opt-out status you should visit the unsubscribe link (or send an email) to double-check our unsubscribe status is correct.


Sometimes we are not able to find an unsubscribe link in an email or the service you want us to unsubscribe from requires you to sign in.

It is also not always possible for us to follow the unsubscribe links and fill out the unsubscribe forms due to anti-bot measure.

If this is the case you will have to manually unsubscribe. We do provide you with an easy link to click from the failed email's page so you don't have to go hunting through your emails.

We are constantly working on making our service better at both finding hard to spot unsubscribe links


Currently Stop That Email works best for emails and websites written in English. If you would like to help get Stop That Email working in other languages please get in touch on our contact page.


At the moment you will manually have to send the email as most services request the email to come from your account. We do provide a handy link which will compose the email for with the details needed, you just need to click send.


We are extremely privacy-focused and try and store as little information as possible about the emails you send to us. The only information we store is:

  • Which email address you sent us the email from
  • Who originally sent you the email
  • The subject of the original mail
  • When the original email was sent
  • The options on how to unsubscribe from within the email

The only information we store on you:

  • Your name
  • Your email address


Please message us via our contact page and we will be happy to help.

Our goal is simple, we want to make unsubscribing as quick, easy, and risk-free as possible. Stop wasting your time trying to finding unsubscribe links and filling out pointless forms and let us do it for you. Sign up now and let us keep your inbox clean one email at a time.

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